Reviews about Driver Lexmark X5470 [Closed]

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About time
The driver on this site worked well for connecting this Lexmark X5470 to an old computer with Windows 2000! Glad I can use the printer now.
From Lexmark website, I tried the 'Vista' driver and it did not work. So I tried the 'Vista X64' driver and it does work.
Uses a lot of ink, loud and slow. Not worth it. Save your money and invest something else. The cost is overpriced.
go to lexmark official site and download driver from there for Lexmark X5470. For windows 7 Use windows Vista driver. it does work.
Vista driver link keeps linking back to the XP driver download.
download the drivers intended for Vista use..
What about Windows 7?

For anyone suffering the same problem as I stated above. I just went to the Lexmark official site and downloaded the driver from there (20 odd MB smaller, for some reason) and it's working fine now.

Hmm. I'm struggling a little here. I'm using XP, yet it tells me the software isn't compatible. "Your version of the WIndows Operating System does not work with your new Lexmark Printer". To be exact.

This scanner/printer/etc is vital for our business, so we're a little buggered at the moment. Can anyone possible suggest anything, please?

Thankyou in advance.
Will it work on Windows 7?
> Bobbie
pls let me know!!!! :D PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks for all
Love this printer!
thank you so much for this