Hp laptop screen is blank on startup [Solved/Closed]

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I have an HP pavilion dv2000 laptop that hasnt had any major problems until recently. When I turn on my laptop, the screen stays black/blank. This started a few days ago when I closed my screen and opened it a few hours later and it stayed black. I tried turning it off then back on with The power button but it still stayed black. The lights on the keyboard work and I can hear Tue fan but nothing on the screen. i left it overnight which drained the battery and it started up just fine in the morning. But it turned off and now I'm having The problem again except that draining the battery doesn't fix it (which means that taking off The battery and holding the power button for a few seconds before starting again has no effect).

It may not be related to this problem,but about a week before the screen started staying black on start up, my laptop started randomly shutting itself off. One second I would be using it, The next it would be completely shut down. There was no screen telling me it was shutting down and no way to tell when it would do it again. It always started up again if I waited a few minutes and had a screen telling me that it was improperly shut down. i had it plugged into The power cord every time ithappened so I'm pretty sure its not a battery problem.

Please help I need this laptop for school!

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i had the same problem with my toshiba laptop.. i got it checked and it turned out the keyboard was damaged and it prevented the laptop from turning on..now m using an external keyboard and my laptop works perfectly fine..so i sugggest u get ur laptop checked from someone to find the problem..

Thank you, ne 3

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Whatever is wrong with my computer is beyond what I can fix so I'll have someone who knows computers check it out
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removed the ram, clean the slots of ram and re-insert it again.. it might help ;)
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Dear Janelle,

Please get the problem solved through the following instructions.


Thank you.
Thanks, but I still can't get it to work. Are there more detailed instructions somewhere in case im doing it wrong? What should I try if that still doesnt work?
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Janelle I have the sammmeee problem and same laptop!!! I really need to get it fixed... I am taking it to a PC tech tomorrow. I would like to know if and when you get it fixed and I will do the same.
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Thanks! My uncle knows computers really well so I'm going to get him to look at it when he's not busy. I don't know when that will be but if he fixes it i'll tell you
Thank you
It was a problem with the motherboard... I had to send it in and get it replaced. Works fine now