I log in and then my screen goes blue

sadboy123 - Dec 24, 2011 at 04:51 AM

hey so the other day i acccidently left my laptop/notebook,i dont know the difference,. turned on while i went out, once i got back home, i turned it on since it had died. once i did it went to the advanced start up option page, where it says repair computer, start in safe mode, start in safe mode with network, etc. i choose start windows normally, then it took me to where i log on, and i put in my password. once i pressed enter it would start to load but then a blue screen poped out saying that i had an improper shutdown, or that some progrmas werent shutdown properly, something like that and it restarted my computer so then i started it on safemode and logged me on. so i shut it down from safemode and turned it back on and the blue screen popped up again after i entered my password. i tried restoring it but it still did the same thing. im 17 and i cant afford another one. what can i do???
p.s. my restoring points are like 2 years old.