PS3 connection speed


i got a 100mb "FDDI" wired internet connection, when i test my internet connection speed on the pc its Download speed is 87mb/s Upload 85mb/s but when i test it on my ps3 it only gives 1mb for download speed and 35mb for upload speed i've changed cable and still the same. i didnt have this problem befor, my download speed was 65mb/s and up 56mb/s i dont know why and how it happend it just happend. at first i thought it was the cable i bought a new one it still the cant be the cable or my internet connection sence i got 80+ mb/s on the PC so whats wrong??? dose anyone had or have the same problem?? if you have or did how did u solve it?? for those who dosen't know what the FDDI stands for -