Dell studio 1555 !! not turning on at all ...

smart_dumb - Jul 1, 2012 at 07:30 AM

Hi everyone !

After my motherboard went wrong, I bought a refurbished motherboard from ebay. I installed it and everything was all right. After installing I turned it on, and everything went smoothly. After turning it on (first time), I used it for around 45 minutes and turned it off.

But after around 2 days (second time), when I pressed power button nothing happened. No sign at all. I tried everything i.e. taking out battery and holding power button, taking out any removable devices such as Ram , Hard Disk, Wireless Card etc. But nothing happened. I also took out the battery and tried to turn it on only using charger. But no sign at all.

Can it again be motherboard problem ? or anything else ? Also when I press power button, I can hear very small tick sound in the motherboard ( it can be heard only if ear is taken very close to motherboard). I think this is the sign that power is received by motherboard. Can anyone help me please??????