Toshiba Satellite L675: Black Screen of Death [Closed]

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Tuesday July 31, 2012
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July 31, 2012

My name is Taylor and my Toshiba Satellite has been having some very bad problems and it's very frustrating. I have looked over so many sites and no of what they told me did not work. Okay so I'm sure many people know what this is, as it is a very common mishap with Toshiba laptops.

Laptop: Toshiba Satellite L675
OS: Windows 7

It first got messed up when I was recommended by a friend to defrag my computer. I did it and in the middle of the night my laptop of course overheated. My computer's fan is very bad for even though the laptop is only a year and half-two years old. When I turned the on computer it said "Starting Windows" and then I got the black screen with just the cursor. I turned it off and turned it back on while holding "0" (to do the system restore) and it says "Windows Loading Files" and then it goes back to the stupid black screen with the cursor. Oh, I can move the cursor by the way. Anyways, I tried doing F8 and run through Safe Mode, and yet again I got the black screen with cursor, although there was the "Safe Mode" in each of the four corners on the screen. For some reason if I hit F8 there is no "System Repair." I cannot take this into a shop so I have to fix this on my own (money issues, I'm only 17. If I tell my mom I'm screwed. LOL.) But anyways, this is very frustrating and I love this laptop, it runs perfectly. Please, help me. :(

PS: I'm incompetent with computers so please give me step by step directions.