Excel - Calculating # of people per job title

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I have a list of employees and all of the pay types that have been paid to them over the year, and their job title.


Joe s Mechanic Reg hrly
Joe s Mechanic OT 1.5x
Joe s Mechanic OT 2x
Joe s Mechanic Stat

Kya m Mechanic Reg hrly
Kya m Mechanic OT 1.5x
Kya m Mechanic OT 2x
Kya m Mechanic Stat

Susie N Operator Reg Hrly
Susie N Operator OT 1.5x
Susie N Operator OT 2x
Susie N Operator Stat

John B Electrician Reg Hrly
John B Electrician OT 1.5x
John B Electrician OT 2x
John B Electrician Stat
John B Electrician Call-in
John B Electrician Banked $ pd

I have a pivot table summarizing the totals per pay type, by job title, and that is working fine. What I need to do is calculate how many individuals there are per title.


Mechanic - 2
Operator - 1
Electrician - 1