Can't connect to Game Servers, Msn, or mp3STR

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Sunday August 26, 2012
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August 26, 2012
Hello, My name is Ai
and i"m kinda having a problem with everything

So i went on traveling Trip, for couple of months, and when i got back
Well my laptop was used by my Mother, So when i got back

The anti virus guard got unknown error
Avira free vers, and i had services.exe infected, and
i had already found a way to clean it it, by renaming services.exe to services.bak
and putting another computers services.exe, so it was working fine i removed services.bak

But then i try to play a game called Requiem Memento Mori, it dosen't work at all
i try on someone else computer it worked, i downloaded a new game isn't working either
C9 by webzen, so here i realized something wrong
i realized msn wasn't working either, And then i try my other games, it isn't working or updating its not connecting to server,

i try radios, mp3 streams, aren't working, i got this chatting program called IMVU working tho
Youtube works, msn dosen't and about 5 games stopped connecting to server or updating

if anyone know what could be the problem pleasee help mee