Monitor receives no signal

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My son was playing today when he said the monitor just went black.
HP Pavillion 400Y about 3 yrs old

When I rebooted, the monitor stayed black. When I turned the monitor off and on, it says no signal received. I've read through several posts and will try to summarize what I have tried:

Hooked current monitor and cable to my laptop and it worked fine.

Hooked another monitor to the desktop and got same "no signal", so I eliminated the monitor as the problem.

Removed and re-installed battery and got "windows starting screen". I let it run for about 15 minutes, but it never booted any farther.

Rebooted again and got the green set up screen this time. However, no response when I pressed any of the F Keys

Removed and reset RAM, even swapped slots

Rebooted again without battery and received same set up screen. I noticed this time the mouse light was not on.

Re-installed battery. got to set up screen, mouse light was on, pressed f10 and mouse light went out.

Installed new battery, no changes.

I tried unplugging the mouse and the light flashes just for a second.

When the computer boots, and the monitor stays black, the fans just run steady. When it gets to the set up screen, the fans kinda surge, then wind down a bit. Maybe it did that before and I never paid attention....

All the lights and fans on the computer have worked every time, no matter what the monitor does. No beeps or clicks or anything else.

I've seen one suggestion about resetting the BIOs or CMOS, but I have no idea how to do that or what to expect.

Computer is running Win7.

Any ideas?