Toshiba laptop wont boot up

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Saturday October 13, 2012
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October 13, 2012
ok so i tried all the tips ive read but idk if its a battery problem because my computer shut down by its self while i was on youtube and when i tried turning it back on it just stayed a lit up black screen with a curser in the top left corner and wont go past that i tried the charger thing and the battery thing but nothing will change the ltd lights light up and everything but nothing will happen i tried holding the power button down even that didnt work so i took out the disk drive and when i tried powering it up words finaly came on the screen about inserting the memory drive and so i did thinking i fixed it but nope didnt work so i got my husbands laptop [same as mine] and switched the disk drives and now it starts up but it comes up as his computer memory so everything on his is now on my computer but mine is none existent do i need to buy a new memory drive or can mine be fixed?