Microsoft Mystery

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Cannot access any Microsoft websites, Hotmail, MSN,, nor can I get Windows updates. They can get to any other site.

This is also the case with another hardwired computer in the next room. Both computers are running Windows 7. Both computers have been scanned and are free of viruses. Scanned using tdskiller, combofix, malwarebytes and spybot. Both computers have antivirus. The ISP (Time Warner) replaced the combo modem/router last week after they determined the old modem which was hooked up to a Linksys router, was dead.

I took the main desktop to my place with his router. It worked fine. When I took his equipment back to his place he still could not access any Microsoft sites nor could my laptop access them at his place. I called Time Warner backup to see if they could provide any help based on what I had found. They sent me to level 4 and he said the router was good and all the settings were correct. He suggested I call Microsoft, they wanted $100.

A wipe and reinstall is clearly not the answer. I've read everything from viruses to resetting the MTU on the router. I've tried IE, Chrome and Firefox.

And get this when I tried to call Microsoft ((800) MICROSOFT (642-7676)) from his landline I got a wrong number. I tried it twice and the number was in display as that number. When I called it from my 3G cell phone I got to Microsoft. I'm thinking about calling a priest over there at this point.

Any clues anybody? Thanks