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I have a spreadsheet that was converted from pdf, but the info is not in rows like a normal database. The headings are repeated throughout the body under each name (so, name is in row 1 and merged across, row 2 has several column headings across, next several rows contain dates and units of time spent on each activity, ect.; then a new name, headings, and data. No easy way to sort.

Anyway, I need to convert the time and total for each name. I started by inserting row C next to it, then searching for a word in the B column (I only want to convert if row B has time in it, many do not). If that word shows up in column B, I had it enter a "mid" function in column C to weed out all of the other data in the cell besides the actual time (ie: "Time: 00:20" becomes "00:20"). Then I copy and past the values to be added. However, each report can be different. I thought I could use a "loop" in VBS, just don't know the lingo well.

Any advise?