Can't power on one of 3 pcs! Help please

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Sunday November 4, 2012
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November 4, 2012
- Nov 4, 2012 at 02:40 PM

I started with one compaq, need vista for my eyes, then bought another WIN 7 no email for my eyes.
I am on the win 7 now.

One computer, I have no power, tells me I had hard disk failure.

Second computer, just went black and I tried.

Next HP all laptops, tryed to "install hardware or software." It was working, put it sleep mode.
Can't power it up. A nano second of blue power button.

Nothing opens, I can't open anything....I can't do anything.

I store my computers away from the others. My win 7 and a vista work. Now nothing from my vista, one a 32 bit, the other a 64 bit.

Take another look on tv or online. This is a so what, computers, but " SANDY?"

Never saw anything in USA. Ground Zero, the two relecting foot prints have sea water.
More tears at Ground Zero.
Help? Understand? A newbie forever for I went to far and tried to install software.