Trying to get the unit I built up an runnin.

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Hello, My name is Randy ,Ive built an old millenium unit with a 40GB hard drive but put in an extra hard drive with 50GBs for storage.I put in two DVD pl/burn,but the unit says it needs decoders to play DVDs.So Im hopeing to download said decoders onto a CD-RW so I can transfer imformation to the XP unit.I tried to earlier but the imfo went into my Windows 7 unit and I can delete but not transfer.Therefore Im gonna try it on a CD-RW so it can be read by the unit.I hope!

If you read my earlier statement,Im sory it wasnt a question.I only realized that when I re read it.Sorry!Will I be able to down load the decoders to a CD-RW to then be loaded into the XP unit.It will read the CDs but not the DVDs.I cant get it on line yet Im tryin to do this one step at a time. thanx