Help,,my laptop won't start

shanizam Posts 1 Registration date Saturday November 17, 2012 Status Member Last seen November 17, 2012 - Nov 17, 2012 at 08:25 PM
I installed windows 8 to my laptop by booting using dvd. So I changed the bios setting priority to boot up from dvd first. I managed to install windows 8 successfully and then I restarted and press f2 to enter bios setting back. I setting the bios setting to default and after I saved changes and exit, my screen became blank. Only power led indicator light up and the others such as hdd and wireless led indicator did not light up..

So I tried to forced shutdown by pushing the power button for a few seconds and turn on it back. When I turn on it back, the hdd and wireless led indicator only blinking once and then they did not light up. only the power led indicator light up. I tried many things to solve this problem such as tried to unplug everything and then turn on my laptop and then pressing f2 to enter the bios system, but my screen laptop became blank when I turned it on and anything didn't anybody please help me..