HP Laptop dv-6000 gpu overheating

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Saturday December 8, 2012
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December 9, 2012
i have a HP dv6000 Series notebook and i find it overheats alot so, the temp is usually very high cpu has 63c and gpu is in at 90c and over(on idle or minimum).The problem is (GPU) that i had graphic video problem, because there was no graphic on my screen, but i have solved it by remelting the gpu to motherboard! So it will happen again if i dont fix problem...

i used a compressor to blow out the the dust from fan, fan is working normally like from the beginning but problem is in hp laptop. For example, temp. of cpu and other sensors is great 55-65c, but gpu is over 70-90c.i know that the fan algorithms are firm-locked in the BIOS/ACPI, so:

I HAVE RED "There is no one cure for an overheated laptop or notebook. " ;(

1.) is there any option to tell the laptop if the gpu temp.is higher that 60c that it needs to be cooled down, by breaking fan algorithems?

2.) if not what to do(if this will repeat the gpu will lose connections to the motherboard again-thats not a solution.


- I can connect primary 4 pin fan manually to + an - and it will work all the time 100% (thats one soltion)... actually i dont know if 4 pin will work, but with 3 pins im quite possitive.

- adding one fan with 5V(so that secondary fan will be mounted on gpu and will run 100% and the primary cooper stick will go over it(and the primary fan will help secondary fan if it wont be powerfull enough.

So why do u think, Please help me i dont know what to do or what to choose?!

Thanks, Computerboy