Latest itunes version and synching

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Wednesday January 2, 2013
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January 2, 2013
- Jan 2, 2013 at 12:40 AM

I just downloaded the latest version of iTunes on my new PC. I am having truoble synching my iphone 4s with it...

Two problems it seems:

First, the iTunes library takes up the entire page. So, in the past, there were all theoptions on the left side of the screen, where your iphone would pop up when it was connected, and you simply selected "synch" Now the page is taken up entirely with the library information. I have tried everything, but cant find the basic home page with the menu on the left to synch.

Second, even without that, there is a "synch iphone" option under file/devices/synch iphone. But, it doesnt do anything, and sometimes its simply grey without the option to select it at all.

I am not a technophile, clearly, but itunes and apple programs used to simply beplug and play.

Can anyone help?