Coputer turns on but no keyboard mouse or display

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Friday January 11, 2013
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January 11, 2013
- Jan 11, 2013 at 01:15 AM
Hey guys i have serious problem with my comp so my wife and son were on the comp and when they got off it went into hibernation mode and usually i hit a button on the kyboard or tap the mouse and it wakes up well i went to get on and it wouldnt wake up i noticed the computer was off so i turned it on and it booted to the windows welcome scren then the computer turned of so i turned it on again and same thing well i unpluggd it cleaned all the dust off the fans turned back on same thing so i took out the ram put it back in and then now i turn it on fans turn on cpu fan turns on harddrive starts up and so does cdrom but no keyboard no mouse and no display well i went through all the threads i could to figure it out after messing around with it finaly started beeping but didnt stop beeping so i turned it off and plugged everythig back in and turned it on same thing no mouse display or keyboard the video card gets warm but the cpu dosent even with the fan off the cpu it dosent warm up and you can leave it on for 20 mins still dosent heat up i need help bad its an acer motherboard m500 i think Rs690m03-2.0a-8krts2h plz plz plz help me im going crazy not knowing what the heck the problem is