My Dv6 Pavillion Laptop doesn't switch to headphones

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Thursday January 17, 2013
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January 17, 2013
I have looked up several different "fixes" to the issue of my sound not switching from my laptop to my headphones, but they do not seem to work. In a lot of cases it is that the sound is playing at the same time as the headphones.

In my case, my headphones do not play at the same time. The sound is split between the laptop speakers and my headphones. My laptop plays sounds from websites, but my headphones plays sounds from games.

I've tried disabling my playback for the laptop and setting default for the headphones, but that doesn't fix it. I've tried setting default device for the headphones, but it only sets it as default comm device and not default playback.

I've unchecked the allow exclusive modes, I've rechecked them, I've tried every different order I could think of and it still isn't working.