Laptop cuts out on startup. Please help

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Thursday January 24, 2013
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January 24, 2013
- Jan 24, 2013 at 06:37 PM

I'm new to the forum and really need help diagnosing a persistent laptop problem.

It's a 4 year old HP Pavillion Dv5 1012ea running Windows 7. The problem I'm having up when waking the computer up from sleep, hibernate or at start up it just cuts off as if experiencing a complete loss of power. Everything comes on briefly butthen cuts out. If it's on sleep or hibernate this happens before getting to the log in screen. If it's at start up I don't even get to the option to load the BIOS. It's not on long enough to get past a black screen.

This occurs even if the battery is full or the laptop is plugged in. Furthermore after the computer has cut out is I move the lid just a little it starts up again before promptly cutting out again. When this occurs the power button also becomes unresponsive for varying amounts of time. Also it does not try and start up again by its self; it just remains unresponsive.

I'm not having problems with any other hardware. Wireless and other components are functioning as normal.

I'm happy to provide further information to help diagnose; I'm just not sure what's relevant.

Any help would be really really appreciated!