Laptop won't boot after power on, details included.

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Hello everyone,

Yesterday my girlfriend's laptop was working just fine, it took a bump as she put it down and it powered off, since then we can't get it to come back on.

On pressing the power button with just the battery connected OR just the power cable connected: the light around the power button comes on and stays on, the power on indicator below the screen comes on and stays on, but nothing else happens; no fan, no display on the screen, no sound at all except that feint noise when something is powered on.

With the battery and power cable connected, the same happens as above but the charging indicator light also comes on.

When 'on' pressing the power button doesn't power down the laptop unless it is held down for a few seconds.

I have tried a hard reboot; disconnecting the battery and the power cable, and pressing the power button for around a minute, and then reconnecting the cable.

Tried shining a light onto the screen to detect if anything is appearing, nothing.
Tried connecting a monitor via the dvi-out and restarting, no display at all on either screen.

On opening the back of the laptop for the first time, I noticed that the small round internal battery was not seated correctly in its place so I corrected this

Have removed both ram cards and tried them each on their own in each of the two ram ports.
Have disconnected and reconnected the hard drive.
Have disconnected and reconnected the fan and the GPU.

Nothing has made any difference, I tried restarting after each of the above steps.

There is a music cd in the drive but the drive won't open so I can't remove it.

This is the first time I've seen the inside of a laptop and I have basic knowledge and limited experience with internal computer parts in general but I'm willing to try any suggestions (except burning the solder of the GPU and letting it cool again, or anything like that...)

It is a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo M3438G with windows XP installed.

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.