A problem with the setup of Windows xp?

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- Jan 31, 2013 at 04:08 PM

While trying installing new version of Windows XP (SP2 or SP3) from a CD of Windows, I have faced this error whose screenshot is shown below. I have previous Windows xp SP2 installed on my desktop computer; however, it has been corrupted.(whenever I run my computer, I see that Windows doesn't boot and instead of that I see that there is a black screen with a cursor in the top left corner.
So I had to reinstall another similar version of Windows. However, when I have booted from the CD, I found that all the files needed in the process of installation have been copied to the memory. However, when I reached to step in which says: 'Setup is starting Windows", I saw that the problem whose screenshot is below shows me. In a very few other times, I can reach to the screen offering the following three options: Set up Windows XP, Repair a Windows XP installation, or Quit Setup. Press ENTER to select the first option.". However, this window lasts a moment(about two second) and then the Window saying 'a problem has been detected and Windows shut down your computer.....' shows me.

I didn't add any new devices at all.

The specifications of my desktop computer are:
VGA(Graphic adapter):256MB

Also, I would only like to know whether I would face this error or not. I have tried doing this with a laptop of mine on which Windows 7 is installed and works properly. I found the same error, although the secifications of my laptop are:
The optical drive working very well with me.
CPU i5-2.6 GHZ
VGA(Graphic adapter): 6GB
Besides, even when I have tried opening the cd via Windows 7 installed instead of booting from CD, I found that the option 'install windows xp' is not active.
I Run the Memory Diagnostics Tool, but I didn't find any errors. Should I unistall the windows 7 beofre installing windows xp?