Reviews about Evidence Eliminator

 Anonymous User -
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There is absolutely no other comparable program than evidence eliminator to reverse the electromagnetic ghosts on a hard drive. I have working version for everything up to windows 7. I'm presently looking for the windows 10 version.

Evidence Eliminator is still the best software program to delete the dos files that are stored on your pc. Even on Windows 7 Ultimate.And you can't find them ( the files ) but E.E. does find them and eliminates them all.
EE was truly a good product.
> bill7940
How do you get this to work - it says its shareware yet I am prompted for two sets of registration keys...and theres no obvious place to buy this sfotware.....can someone advise me plse?
> RogGun
Hi bought E-E over 6 years ago at cost of over £120 they supply you when you have parted with your money with two sets of keys. The programme can go on to load of new computers as long as you have the activating keys. The E-E programme is not free, hope this helps
Regards Howard