My HP Vision with Windows 7 desktop will not boot up

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Monday February 25, 2013
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February 25, 2013
- Feb 25, 2013 at 07:39 PM
My HP just went down. I am not computer dumb and have done basic work on them for years. I went to get on it and thought it was asleep. When I pushed the power button it lit up from orange to blue and the fan started up, but the monitor did not wake up. If I hit the monitor power button it said no signal was detected and it was going to sleep. I repeatedly turned off the computer and restarted. Power came on, fan came on. sounded like the hard drive started to spin, but nothing more and the monitor said no signal. I tried using the restore disks but same result (I did hear the dvd unit start to spin for a few seconds). I also noticed that the wireless mouse sender unit did not light up and neither did any of the keyboard lights. The external drive did not come on. The desktop hard drive doesn't come on. I tried getting into the Bios, but same result.
My antivirus did detect some viruses a few days ago, but it cleaned them. But I haven't ran into a serious boot virus since I used 3.5 floppies. The computer has had a quirk lately as sometimes the keyboard would stop working until I rebooted. This computer is only 14 months old. I am going to start tomorrow to get more in depth, but I need help. I am starting to believe my motherboard died. If I can't get it to boot I am going to remove the hard drive and slave it on another computer to hopefully save the data and check its operation.
Any help would be appreciated.