HP Compaq 8510p - Dead ?!

Jesper Madsen - Mar 13, 2013 at 03:35 PM
Hello everybody.

I have a HP Compaq 8510p laptop, which was running great up until last night.
It all of sudden shut down and wouldn't startup again - Not even the power supply bulb had a light in it, even though the PSU was still in. So far i have tried numerous things, but nothing seems to do the trick and i would be really sad losing all the data stored on its hdd.

Here's what i have done:

1. Left it for a couple of hours with the PSU in it.
2. Tried replacing the PSU.
3. Tried replacing the battery.
4. Tested both PSU and battery in another laptop (Same model).
5. "Took out the battery, removed main supply, held power button down for 30 secs, put only power supply in.
Turned laptop on
Put the battery in."

Like i stated, none of the above worked and i am, honestly, starting to get a little desperate.

Thanks in advance :-)