Dell Desktop installing Win XP

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OK - so everybody is happy with the answer about the blue screen when trying to set up Win XP. But truth is - the answers given don't really solve MY problem.
I have a brand new Dell Dektop PC - (can't do with all this laptop rubbish) which already has Win 7 installed. I know that Win 7 won't play or run some of my XP programmes, so I have partitioned my 2 TB HD and have tried to install Win XP on another partition. But is won't do it. I get the dreaded blue screen, no matter WHAT I try. I have tried various settings in BIOS (or setup if you prefer to call it that) and it still doesn't work.
OK - any clever dicks out there have a REAL answer for me - maybe then I will be a little happier about this wonderful club of yours