WD my passport hard dives whose part numbers end with -03 are co

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Hi everyone at this splendied forum

I have read that WD Smartware is compatible with the WD my passport, my book hard drives which end with -00/01 in their part number

So, if I had purchased a WD my passport hard dirve ends with -03, would it have been compatible with WD Smartware?

I am going to purchase a WD my passport, but I didn't find any end with 01/00

In other words, I am going to purchase a WD my passport(1TB), but unfortunately, I found part number of all of them ends with 03. It will be compatible with Smart ware.

I had asked this question in the WD comuninity, but unfortnately there is no one replyed me.

I would highly appreciate it if you could hepl me.

I hope you reply me.