Can the game Ruzzle be fixed

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Friday May 3, 2013
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May 4, 2013
- May 4, 2013 at 02:24 AM
Ok I'm having big issues with the game Ruzzle. I have been playing with friends in Canada and India. Three or four days ago the game stop letting us communicate game wise or chatting on the game messenger. It is completely froze up. At first it would let us type a message but then the messages started leaving the screen seconds after being typed. When you try and type them your message is their but their message back never comes through. We all have the premium app! Can this please be fixed? I thought it may be my account so I had my sister to download the game and send them a game request and they never responded. I have been playing with my friend in Canada for three months now. I also sent my sister a game request and she and I played the game but we did not try to chat so locally it does fine.