Acer Aspire 4930G - power issues

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Hi everyone,

Ok, so 2weeks ago my laptop dies, my wife had it plugged in, turns it on, smells burn for 2secs....& the laptop won't turn on.

I remove the battery, leave it for a while, put in again...still nothing.

Then, I remove the battery, leave it for a while, press & hold the power button for a while put in again, plug the ac adaptor in (charge light goes on for 2secs then nothing) charging light, no power, dead again.

So, I decided to be brave & totally disassembled the thing, removed everything, stripped it to the search of whatever burnt my surprise, I couldn't find anything, although the battery smelled of burn. Anyways, I cleaned all the dust off everything, mostly off the fan...tested the ac adaptor, the ac adaptor block on the laptop. All seemed fine...put everything back...

Now for the test...I plug the ac adaptor in & the charge light stays on...yay! I press the power button & the laptop starts up as usual...I'm over the moon. You would think that was it hey :) soon as I remove the ac adaptor, the laptop naturally I figure its the battery.

I go on & order myself a replacement battery, a week later it arrives...I plug it in, hook up the ac adaptor...all seems fine, I start it up, charge it till full & the moment I remove the charger...there it goes & dies again.

I remove the new battery, plug the ac adaptor in & the laptop starts up fine without the battery. If I use just the battery, nothing happens. The only thing I can suspect now is maybe the block that hooks into the battery...but what's weird is, when the ac adaptor is plugged in, it charges the battery. It just cannot run off the battery (a new unit I might add)

Please...any suggestions would be much appreciated:) thanx