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hi guy's my problem is i have a new aspire v5 touch screen laptop running windows 8 prey installed the user manual and other sites iv looked on say to set my computer back to factory default settings to turn my laptop off and wait a bit then turn it back on and before the logo screen comes up to hold alt and f10 but it don't work it boots back into windows every time in windows the recovery manger say's to make a recovery image on a flash drive did that but that only refreshes my laptop and it has no option to make recovery CD's or DVDs i have never seen a computer that would not let me make recover Cd's before i had a Toshiba laptop that had the option to make recovery Cd's or recovery flash drive but this laptop is weird and when you do a recovery with in windows it takes seven hours to complete and on Ascer site they want me to buy the recovery Cd's for 20 dollars and this is a new laptop that's a bunch of crap why should i have to pay for recovery Cd's when its a new laptop and don't come with recovery Cd's can any one help me i will never buy an Ascer system again please help me