How to Remove Background of an Image using PowerPoint 2010

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Usually, only a graphic designer is skilled to modify images. However, with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 users can do simple artwork such as removing the background of an image even if they don't know graphic designing. Here's how a background of an image can be removed in MS PowerPoint 2010.

1. Open a PowerPoint presentation using PowerPoint 2010.
2. Click on the Insert tab in the ribbon and insert the picture by clicking on Picture button in Images section for which you want to remove background.
3. Click on Format Picture tab in the ribbon
4. Click on Remove Background button. You may need to do a little editing to remove the background of your image.
5. After final editing, click on Keep Changes option to remove the background.

This may be not so effective/professional as editing them with Photoshop, but it works pretty well for MS PowerPoint presentations.