Gateway computer laptop black screen vista windows [Solved/Closed]

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my gateway laptop computer turns on but the screen is black
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Thank you

Try this 1

1) If you are getting a black screen after Switching ON your laptop then

Unplug the power cord --> Remove the battery --> Hold the power button for

60 seconds --> Connect the power supply then try to switch ON the laptop and

later put the battery back into the laptop.

2) If the problem still exists then click on the below link and follow the instructions

Good Luck

Thank you, jack4rall 33

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I just did this but now power button is flashing on and off and it's making aa low beep and a sound similar to wind swishing through tree leaves. When do you put the battery back? Thank you for your help.
You are the best I followed your directions also ....your a genius :-)
I was having a panic attack. .then I followed your instructions. ..thank you soooo much
Thank you! It worked!!
This freaking worked
Thank you
Thank you! That worked!