Dual monitor suddenly stopped working Win7

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Hi. I had dual monitor for couple of years with Win7. A month ago I upgraded MB, i7, RAM and WinXP. Dual monitors worked just fine.

One morning I turn the computer on (after a month of normal work) and second monitor is not detected at all.

But it boots on the 'second' (MB Logo, POST) but after that it switches to the 'first' one and can't detect the second one.

I tried everything even fresh Win7 reinstalation. I also removed NVidia drivers and with simple VGA drivers I can use this monitor but as soon as I instal the newest NVidia driver - the second monitor won't be detected.

I think it started after my newest driver update. I did reinstaled the older driver but it didn't work. I don't remember how and if I have to manually delete drivers from registry and stuff.

Please, help.

Thank you,