Need Help with my Nokia X7-00.1 Phone

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Tuesday June 4, 2013
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June 4, 2013
I am new to the Kioskea forum and look forward to being an active member. I am far from being techno savy so at first I will be asking for more than I can give but in time I hope to change that.
I have a Nokia X7-00.1 model phone. I use it for business and accidently deleted a bunch of text messages that I really need to back up a court case (evidence) that is coming up soon so I need some help.

I understand there exists software that I can use (ex FExplorer) to open the phone's files and directories then I may be able to see the deleted text messages, reopen and perhaps reinstate to allow them to be used for court documents.

After reading about all this I have found out that this program does not work for S3 version phones which I believe the X7-00.1 model is.

I would greatly appreciate some assistance on what if anything can be done to retrieve these SMS files.

As well I want to prevent this from happening again. I understand there are some apps or programs I can download to the phone to ensure any deleted messages are saved to the SIM card or memory card. Any direction here would also be appreciated.

Thanks from the Remy Man