Autofilter range by selecting cell from a column in that range [Closed]

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Monday March 11, 2013
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August 14, 2013

I have a 6 column overview with Description rule sets for Titles and Subtitles of Product groups.
Each set consists of two rows:
The description rule in the top row and an example in the second.

Column A contains Product group names
Column B contains Title Rule and Title example
Column C contains the Subtitle rule and Subtitle example
Column D and E are Numerical (number of rule set and digits of rule and example)
Column F contains first letter of Product group name

There are over 100 rule sets in this sheet.
Making an inquiry into a rule set is starting to get more and more difficult.
Column D, E and F give me some filter and sort options but handling filters is still too much manual labor for my taste.

The solution I have in mind is to create hyperlinks on all values in columns D and F
Clicking on a hyperlink would have to result in two things:
1. The sheet should be filtered based on the value of the selected cell.
2. The hyperlink of that cell should change so that by selecting the cell again all filters should be removed and the hyperlink of the cell in question should be reverted back to it's original value.

Personally I don't know if using hyperlinks is the solution to my idea, but the bottom line is that I would like to autofilter by selecting a cell value and after that be able to revert to original state also by clicking a cell (or button).

Anybody have an idea?

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