MS Vista (64-bit) with black screen and arrow on start-up

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Sunday June 23, 2013
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June 23, 2013
- Jun 23, 2013 at 02:22 PM
I've been trying to trouble-shoot this issue on my 5 yr old Sony Vaio for the past week.

The symptoms:
The computer begins to boot....
the Microsoft loading bar appears on the bottom of the screen...
then the screen goes blank...
then the screen appears black with a white cursor...
...nothing else.

What I've tried:
1. Unplugging the laptop from power and removing the battery for ~3 min then reassembly and boot up (I've attempted this several times) difference
2. Ctrl-Atl-Del at the black screen with arrow to see if I can access the Task Manager...nothing
3. Pressed enter to see if the computer will sounds as though the drive is running but nothing on screen
4. I've RIGHT clicked on 'desktop' to see if I can select properties and make changes...nothing
5. I bought a 'Recovery' ISO disc image from a company and booted the computer with boots using Linux and allowed me to access the C: drive and back-up all personal data. When I used the AutoRecovery part it caused the computer to not boot...couldn't boot
6. Used Recovery disc Virus scan to search for malware but many sectors were denied
7. I complained to the company and got a Windows Vista Recovery disc, booted from disc and attempted a repair...couldn't boot
8. Used the Vista recovery ISO disc to access the Command line to rebuild the boot sector - as described by recovery disc company. This successfully rebuilt boot sector but now I'm back to the black screen with just a white arrow upon booting up.

UPDATE: Once at black screen with arrow Vista DOES go into screen saver mode and anything associated with the hardware shows up (i.e. screen brightness).

Of course we bought the computer with OEM MS Windows Vista and Office so we have no discs to re-install (I've considered formatting the C:). I'd need to buy MS Win7 (or Vista) and Office which doesn't make much sense for a 5+ yr old computer.

Any suggestions would be appreciated...I've reached my limit but wanted to give the wizards of the web an attempt to solve my problem before I let my wife spend $1000+ on new hardware and software.