Browser game...CALL OF GODS!

Blocked Profile - Jun 29, 2013 at 02:49 PM

If you are not familiar with Call OF Gods...a browser based game (no download), I would like for all to become familiar in order to answer my question.

This Fantasy MMORPG requires no real time play, and is as addictive as any phacebook pirates game. It can be found at

My question is this....

Is it possible to play these type of games without having to fund them with hard currancy, or does the real value happen after you buy into it?

I have a high value for this game, as it has provided me with a TON of enjoyment for NO cost above what the internet access would be, and I need that anyway!

It is kind of the same value I have for a pair of dice, or a deck of cards, it cost $1.99 and I can PLay 1001 games with them.

I am looking forward to feedback, please.

What? Me, help?