How to restore toshiba laptop to factory settings.

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Thursday July 4, 2013
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September 19, 2018
Hi..I have a Toshiba c650 satelite laptop-yesterday I went into my FBook account,suddenly everything froze,and went blank,and appears even my windows 7 op system went with it,because now..nothing at all.I cannot save the files or pictures etc in my libraries ,not to external disks,or external harddrive
so obviously I would need to reformat,or restore to factory instalation(I do not have a recovery disk,and this too would wipe out everything saved on files)so I need assistance please in how to proceed to restore..I am using an alternative laptop to write this to you
I have queried to the local agents of Toshiba,and they do not want to assist other than to tell me to refer to the company I bought the laptop from
I have absolutely no use of the windows,no opportunity to try partition of the hard disk to get into Toshiba recovery system,no system restore,nothing..using F12 for reboot,it calls for recovery disk to be inserted..I don't have it..