Problem with locked folders

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Monday July 1, 2013
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July 6, 2013
Hello friends...

Very shortly, I' d like to apologize for my first question I posted some days ago. The administrator noticed that I wasn't polite enough and I requested help from you with no respect. I'm very sorry for this but please take in mind that this is my first time in a forum and honestly I really don't know the proper "language".
Anyway, I' m very sorry once again and if you still want to help me, I have a problem with SysTools Folder Key product.
I locked some folders using password and when I tried to unlock them I realize that there was no option "Add folders" in unlocking area. So, I still have my folders locked, I remember my password and I cannot unlock them. Please, if someone has an idea how to solve this problem, I'd appreciate that.
Thanks for your attention anyway.