Map/Copy values from one sheet to another where column 1 matches

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I have two sheets in a spreadsheet. Each sheet has a first column with common values (however they are not sorted the same and they are not all there in each sheet).

What I'm trying to do, if possible, is put a formula in sheet 2, where, if column 1 is a match for sheet 1, copies selective data from certain columns in that same row in sheet 1, to certain columns in sheet 2.


Sheet 1 has a row like this:

Title | Day of Week | First | Last
Supervisor | Wednesday | Mike | Jones

Sheet 2 has a row like this:

Title | Surname | Weekday
Supervisor | (empty cell) | (empty cell)

After running the mystery formula I'm looking for, placed in the 2 empty cells above, sheet 2 should match on the Supervisor key in sheet 1 and copy in data I have specified into each column, such as:

Title | Surname | Weekday
Supervisor | Jones | Wednesday

(In this case I have told it to map the "day of week" column to weekday, and map the "last" column to "surname").

I hope this is easy/possible??? Help???