Qwerty US international variants

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Tuesday July 9, 2013
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July 9, 2013
- Jul 9, 2013 at 04:17 PM
I switched from azerty to qwerty recently and don regret it!
There? a hitch though; I don't know which is the exact right keyboard for me.
Requirements: I need easily available accents!
België eg is the name of the country where I live, but after some 2 months I still haven't found the trema.
Most sites say to use ' then space and then the letter e, but that turns into 'e instead of the trema (btw I copied/pasted the succesfull one in the country's name).

I use Linux and can choose keyboards, but it still is unclear which US international variant is the correct one.

(btw I type qwerty on an azwerty and do have an AltGr key, in case that matters)