Stupid Chrome and Adobe Flash Player [Closed]

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Sunday August 11, 2013
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August 11, 2013
Hey. I have a little problem that can make a HUGE problem. I had everything going smooth until I Installed WinRar. I Installed it and uninstalled it 2 times and everytime my computer had to reboot (restart). I can watch previous videos on Youtube, however other videos that is new are unable to watch. And EVEN live* videos are also unable. It just stops for no Reason. I think I need to update Flash Player or something but I CAN'T EVEN UPDATE JAVA PROPERLY!!!! I uninstalled Flash Player and that's where I am. I can't Install it again. Now I am Stuck. Can you guys please help me with this Problem. Adobe Flash Player also say that Chrome already have Adobe Flash Player Installed. Still I CANT WATCH VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE or anything really. Plz help