Filling in data

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i have the following query for my work. What i have to do everyday is to manually amend the bolded data and it is tedious. is there any way i could use excel to amend this data?
for example, say a form, which prompts me for the data to be changed. and then i just input my new info and it will replace the data in my query below.

SELECT a.ClientCode,a.BrokerCode,CliBrkCode = CASE WHEN a.CustomerOrBroker <> 'CUST' THEN a.BrokerCode ELSE a.ClientCode END,
b.ClientType , b.AccountType,
a.DealRef, a.OrderNo,
a.TradeDate, a.Valuedate, a.BuySell, a.ContractCode, a.BuyCcy, a.BuyAmount, a.SellCcy, a.SellAmount, a.TradePrice, c.SettPrice, a.TradePLCcy, a.UnRealisedPL
FROM XFXDelivery a
INNER JOIN Client b ON b.ClientCode = CASE WHEN a.CustomerOrBroker <> 'CUST' THEN a.BrokerCode ELSE a.ClientCode END
INNER JOIN FXSettlementPrice c ON a.ContractCode = c.ContractCode and a.CallPutFut=c.CallPutFut and a.StrikePrice=c.StrikePrice and a.Valuedate=c.Valuedate
WHERE b.ClientCode>='100012' AND b.ClientCode<='100012'
and convert(char(8),a.Valuedate,112)>='20130101'and convert(char(8),a.Valuedate,112)<='20751231'
and a.DealRef in
(`1007594082', `1007594083', `1007594084', `1007594085', `1007594086', `1007594087', `1007594088', `1007594089', `1007594090', `1007595290', `1007595291', `1007595292', `1007595296', `1007595297')