Conditional Formatting

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Wednesday September 4, 2013
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September 18, 2013
Dear Sir,
I am working as to follow the shipments being received.When the date expires the cell will show Red in E1 and when in active, in Green, when entered a number for Goods Receiving Note in D1, it will show" DONE" in E1.
F1 is an auto date to remind my work. If goods received this F1 will give a valid date, otherwise it(F1) will show as 10-01-00. On the same time if F1 is smaller(Expired) than the present date in V6, E1 will show Red, if not Green but all colours are until D is manually entered for a number. If I enter a number in D1, E1 will show "DONE". I need here until D1 is entered E1 want to show also a 3rd different colour(BLUE). I did the formula and it was accepted but in operation the coulour is not coming out, the 3rd one(BLUE)

I have created the below formula with conditional formatting. All are working except the formula IF(F1=10-01-00," " in below combined.(Assisgned with BLUE colour)
=IF(D1,"DONE",+IF(F1=10-1-0," ",+IF(F1<$V$6," "," ")))
Please help also with a different simple way.

Thank you.