Macro for Pivot table for all file name starts with markup

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Saturday August 17, 2013
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September 23, 2013

Need a macro for creating pivot for all the files name starts with markup.

1. File names are variable (markup..........)

2. Sheet inside file also variable (example test, test1 and so on)

3. there are data in rows 1 to 5(informative data only) and pivot needs to be run from A6 to AMx(x is variable row count). Means data rows are also variable.
4. Pivot should not take classic pivot option.

5. Data to be consider for macro are as follows:

A6= ZIP Code, B6= Name,C6=Date,G6= Hight,H6=Age,W6=Weight. Pivot fields as follows. Also

Value for Count of Age2 would be % of parent row total
Value for Sum of Weight2 would be % of parent row total
Number format for Sum of Weight would be separator with no decimal place


Fielters Columns
Date Value

Rows Value
ZIP code Count of age
Name Count of age2
Height Sum of Weight
Sum of Weight2
Date in filters needs to be select the latest date only(date format 10/24/2014)

Thanks in advance! :)