Aero and Wifi keep going off

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Sunday October 3, 2010
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October 18, 2013
Hey. I'm on Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit.

I turned my PC on yesterday and the Aero theme was disabled and the wifi wasn't working. It was for other devices so the problem was with my laptop.

When I start my PC, the Aero is there and the Wifi connects. Then the Aero goes and the Wifi goes to local only. I have to open CMD and type "net stop uxsms" and "net start uxsms" to restart the Aero, and just troubleshoot my internet problem to get it to work.

No changes were made recently before the problem. I only downloaded Max Payne 3 via Steam which I have done loads of times.

I attempted a System Restore (before I knew how to restart Aero and the WiFi) and as the computer shut down, there was no logging off screen. It was just black. Upon starting up, I was asked to Launch Startup Repair. I didn't do this and the computer started fine, System Restore said it was complete, I noticed some program files changed. However the error still persisted. I tried to do a restore again once I re-enabled Aero and WiFi and it showed the log off screen as normal, but upon launch it said the restore failed.

I am looking for a more permanent solution. It would not be ideal to do a full recovery as I don't have any means of backup and I won't for long.

Intel Core Extreme Quad Q93000 2.53GHz
nVidia 280M in SLi - Driver 314.07
8GB DDR3 @ 1333MHz