WMC doesnt play MP4

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Monday October 7, 2013
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October 7, 2013
ok first i would like to start this out with INSTALLING A NEW PLAYER DOESNT FIX A PROBLME IT IGNORES IT! now that that is over with anyone answer with installing this player and your problems solved is wrong.

WMC will only play sound from a MP4 file. Last week it played any file i threw at it just fine this week i try to play the same file i played last week and i only get sounds. this is on an HTPC computer i have changed nothing only watched movies i have downloaded to my network drive. ive installed every codec i could possibly find as a possilbe fix (ive even downloaded some of these stupid players people have linked VLC PLAYS THE FILE JUST FINE. ive removed WMC and replaced it only to find that windows doesnt actually uninstall anything (ty microsoft if i just didnt want to use it i wouldnt go to it dont need you to only deny my access to it unless i add it back to windows features). so again ive tried everything aside from format /c and reinstall windows