Individual Scorecard Template in Excel 2007?

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I've been tasked to create customer service scorecards for approximately 300 employees from
pivot tables that come from at least 4 different cubes. The main task is to create a scorecard for
each employee (5 points of customer service data i.e. how many units of new sales, retention, etc) that comes from these cubes. I have pulled the cubes into excel and displayed relevant data into a pivot table. However, my attempts at creating scorecards for each employee has been problematic. I would like to run a macro to query the cubes to bring up employees i.e. by name (which would bring up the accompanying customer service data) and have that automatically populate into the scorecard.

If I build this from scratch, will this be tremendously time-consuming (a couple of days, at most)?

Is there a template that has accomplished this that I can refer to? The ones I have come across (ex: Journal of Accountancy) seem to be broader than what I need. I need something that will
display 1 scorecard per 1 employee, not 1 scorecard showing data for all 300+ employees. Also, it needs to have as little user input as possible (i.e. user queries the name, user gets the data into a scorecard, email the scorecard)

Other details:
-I am new to macros/vba but have had exposure to the basics of it's programming syntax
-I am using excel 2007
-the only access I have to data is bringing the cubes (oqy) into excel
-eventually these scorecards will have to be emailed to each employee, macros again?
-I have Access 2007 at my disposal, but fear that may be way over my head, considering my muddling around with Excel 2007.

Thank you to anyone that can point me in the right direction.