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Thursday October 17, 2013
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October 17, 2013

Excel Change Event : VBA

Break up :1
STI Current Investments 0.000 2,616,970.000
INV Inventories 125.000 125.000
CS Cash & Cash Equivalents 8,270,916.000 7,538,856.000
LR1 Short Term Loans and Advances 0.000 4,000.000
TCA 8,271,041.000 10,159,950.000

Break Up : 2
CSP Share Capital 1,500,000.000 1,500,000.000
EE Reserves and Surplus 72,438,097.000 71,710,439.000
TSE 73,938,097.000 73,210,439.000

I want to change the font color of "TCA" and "TSE" for the pasted data (above) and and insert blank row above the "TCA" and 'TSE".

And the values above TCA should be sum up (total) in the inserted in the blank row and same as tse

Range of TCA and TSE Always ("A:A").
always gaap bewteen two tca and tse