Lost all Folder Lock 6 data on 1TB USB

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Saturday October 19, 2013
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October 19, 2013
Please help (T_T) Folder Lock is digging my early grave.

I set up a 900GB Folder Lock 6 locker file on my 1TB USB hard drive which I always accessed with the portable folder lock executable on the USB drive for the last 2 years.

Today for the first time in a long time, I tried to open the locker file with the Folder Lock installation from my computer itself to look at the locker size options and the program crashed while failing to open or close meaningfully on 2 attempts. Somehow in the process it wiped the locker clean off data even though the name or password did not change and I didn't really DO anything.

I try to reopen the locker with the USB executable and ALL my data is gone. It shows 900GB free space on the drive with 0 file. About 800GB of precious data accumulated in years gone in 1mn from some stupid mindless software operation or crash.

I'm completely lost, don't know what to do, very afraid of making everything worse by trying the wrong thing

Help please :'(